Sony #GOP Hack Unprecedented? Unstoppable?

 Cybersecurity firm Mandiant is working with Sony Pictures in the aftermath of the Guardians of Peace hack. Kevin Mandia is attempting to provide high cover for Sony, claiming that few organizations would be "fully prepared" to deal with such an "unprecedented" attack. We wait for the details of the hack...the "Kill Chain" analysis. However, we know the hack invaded all of their servers and connected workstations. That suggests that the hack did not happen overnight, but was the result of a systematic compromise of the Sony IT environment over a period of time. The question, then, becomes: Who was minding the activity? Even if the hackers were able to mask their activities and suppress logging, those activities should leave some evidence. If the hackers did, in fact, achieve a completely invasive and invisible hack, then we will all need to reconsider our cybersecurity defenses. On the other hand, if Sony was simply "asleep at the switch,Ôö£├ÂÔö£├éÔö¼├║├ö├Â┬úÔö£├®Ôö£├ÂÔö£├éÔö¼├║├ö├Â┬úÔö¼ÔòæÔö£├ÂÔö£├éÔö¼├║├ö├Â┬ú├ö├Â├ë then we will learn again that effective security event management and incident response would have provided adequate protection. 

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<p>kill chain analysis: here's one, but I have not read it yet: hack or asleep at the switch: My opinion is that it's a mix, but much more of the latter.</p><p>Your other post about a "business CISO" is a specific version of a general truism I often find in ALL walks of business life, namely that "the guys who know what to do, don't have the authority, and vice versa".</p><p>It's quite possible that at least part of the "asleep at the switch" was caused by this phenomenon.</p>