Hackers booked long air trips on customer money

Phishing , social engineering, credentials or identity theft, how all these attacks can be very serious may be easily understood by the resent attack expose by American and United airlines. The airlines this week started notifying about the hack which actually believed to be happened in December last year to its affected customers.Hackers through various tricks stolen the credentials of many customers and booked trips for themselves using peoplesÔö£├ÂÔö£├éÔö¼├║├ö├Â┬úÔö£├®Ôö£├ÂÔö£├éÔö¼├║├ö├Â┬úÔö¼ÔòæÔö£├ÂÔö£├éÔö¼├║├ö├Â┬ú├ö├▓├╣ stores of frequent flier miles. Though very few accounts were hacked of United airlines but thousands were hacked of American airlines. I believe educating customers/users about various kind of trics that hackers use and also using multifactor or atleast 2 factor authentication can help a lot.

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