Insider Threats in the Cloud

The cloud has vastly expanded the scope of rogue insiders. Read on to discover the latest threat actors and scenarios.The most widely advertised risks to data in the cloud typically focus on vulnerability to external attackers, but in private conversations security teams frequently voice concern over threats from within their own organizations.When you think of insider threats, you probably worry about headline-grabbing incidents in which whistle-blowers expose data to the media, as in the case of Edward Snowden. The reality is that these highly visible yet rare cases are only the tip of the iceberg. The bulk of insider threats are either well-intentioned but careless employees or rogue insiders in pursuit of personal gain. These cases fly under the radar: While only 17% of security professionals were aware of an insider threat within their organization in the past year, usage data from SkyhighÔö£├ÂÔö£├éÔö¼├║├ö├Â┬úÔö£├®Ôö£├ÂÔö£├éÔö¼├║├ö├Â┬úÔö¼ÔòæÔö£├ÂÔö£├éÔö¼├║├ö├Â┬ú├ö├▓├╣s latest Cloud Adoption and Risk Report revealed anomalous activity highly indicative of insider threat in 85% of organizations. Continue with full article

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