One More Breach - It is just the beginning of 2015

With the rise of year 2015, the world has started witnessing security breaches, thefts, hacks globally. Security researchers and experts have already predicted for this year saying that the world should be ready to witness more and more breaches.
Recently, Dennis Fong, the founder and CEO of Raptr, announced that they have had a break in and that user data may have been compromised. Raptr is one of the fastest growing online gaming platforms and communities in the world.
CEO has requested users to change their password on Raptr website and other website where same password is being used. Users are also advised to use complex new password uniquely for their account. Through this breach, user's personal details are compromised like email address, username, password hashes, first and last name etc.
Online users continue to face serious troubles with these kind of attacks. Let it be an organization, user's peronal life, businesses, almost everything has gone online. Many websites provide users with 2 factor authentication and many does not. A user accesses many websites online and also he/she has to create usernames and password. Not only creation of credentials but also users have to maintain or remember the credentials. This thing has become a challenge for online users. Normally it is tendency of users to have same password for most of the sites because it makes their life easier. Obviously this also put the user acount on risk. But we can not blame users using same password for many sites. Obviously it is pretty hard to remember complex passwords or even non-complex for multiple sites. Users who are tech savvy can understand and use 2 factor authentication pretty well either on laptop, desktop or mobile but what about other non-technical users.
Today looking at the kind of attacks and breaches, it has become a great necessity to have a strong but simple to use authentication method. Something beyond traditional password based authentication. Something which is not complex and can be used by users of any age, expertise or educational background.

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