Keep a Sharp Eye on Insiders

Few years back may be security was not of much importance to organizations but now the time has changed and the approach has been changed. Organizations are seeing various cyber attacks and security breaches which cause loss of reputation, customer trust, money and bring serious legal troubles. They are now are highly concerned about security so they are investing and focusing more on the protection of their data, resources etc and seriously paying huge attention towards it. Obviously, legal troubles by not abiding by the various security laws and standards can put the decision makers behind bars also.
When we talk about security, we consider both internal and external threats. As far as internal threats are concerned, people accessing or using organizations resources (with malicious intent) are considered to be the biggest threat to an organization. Hence, keeping a sharp eye on the activities of them while they access company resources has become a major need and challenge. Hence, organizations are gradually moving from management to governance of identities and their access.
What needs to be done?
Knowing who has access to what is highly important in today's IT environment. But at the same time it is equally important to know what people are doing with their access in both historically and in real time. In order to take corrective actions quickly and before any serious damage to organization it is highly required to know who has done wrong. To reduce the risks of non-compliant, malicious or improper behavior harming your organization following are highly required:

  • User activity monitoring
  • Remediation Solutions
  • User activity recording
  • Real time notification for any non-compliant or suspicious activity
  • Automated remedial actions before any serious damage to the organization assets or its reputation
  • Dashboard and reporting to display a complete picture of the malicious user and the activities
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Very true...additionally imparting awareness on the disciplinary actions for the security breaches also would help the organisation