Example of true L3 level support

Recently, one of our ESRM associate Thrinath Thunuguntla has shown a commendable performance by solving a critical cloud connectivity issue and has been nominated as the winner of TCS On The Spot Award. He has set an example of providing true L3 level support to the customer.
Connectivity issues were reported in migration of services to Cloud. There was a requirement to enable two-way SSL authentication between REST on PLM and Enterprise side IBM Data Power. Client was able to enable one way SSL and requested assistance from ESRM team to establish the connectivity using two-way SSL. Click here to know the background of this issue and the complete solution provided.
Also, sharing some appreciation notes which he received.

Dear Sathish 
Thanks so much for timely help.
Thrinath, truly appreciate your contribution. Thanks.
                        - Regu Ayyaswamy

Dear Thrinath - Thank you so much for technical expertise to resolve this issue. Hat off to you.
Dear Satish - Thanks for all your support and pointing to right man.
Dear Regu - We got right help from Satish's team and resolved the integration issues in Marker and Spencer PLM Project. Thanks for your direction and guidance.
                 - R. Selvakumaresan

I dont' have any words on how to  say thanks for  your help.  It was really critical issue , TCS PLM team was facing at M&S for the last 3 weeks  and  you solved it .  It was amazing to  see   the way you went on  cracking  the problem of cloud connectivity issue during  5 grilling hours of  webex  session.The way you  revamped the whole code and  made it  work was just thrill to watch.  
Thank you very much and we really appreciate this.
        - I Shivanandan

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There is a real need to have high quality expertise available in crunch situations. The breadth of security as an area and the proliferation of complex technologies have made it imperative to have the concept of "doctor on call" in this area. How could such a capability be institutionalized?