Next Gen Microsoft Windows 10: Security Features

Microsoft's Windows 10 will be available as a free upgrade to Windows 7 and 8.1 users in July 2015. Enterprise version will be out later this year.

Main Security features are Application-vetting and biometric authentication.
Security features which are available in the first release:

1. Device Guard: To manage zero-day attacks by vetting applications that try to access a Windows 10 machine and its network. 

2. Windows Hello : It’s a password-killer feature that uses biometrics to invoke Windows 10 devices rather than usual password mechanism.

3. Passport: Prompt user to verify that you have possession of devices before it authenticates on user behalf.

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4. Microsoft Edge: Microsoft Edge is dropping ActiveX and old-school plugins for better security. Hence bye bye for ActiveX and BHO (Browser Helper Objects) which were used for 3rd party toolbars. Also the developers can take take advantage of present web standards like HTML5 or CSS features.
5. Sandboxing: Microsoft Edge will be released as Universal Windows App i.e., every Internet page the Microsoft Edge visits will be rendered inside the app container thus it become the secure client app sanboxed in Windows.