Approach to Mitigate Threats in Multifunction Printers

Nowadays, in every enterprise we have Multifunction printers( MFP) which has its own Operating system and hard disk and can be leverged by threat actors to access or leverage to reach the critical assets to access the enterprise confidential and proprietary informations. Enterprise can use the following steps to mitigate or reduce the risk on MFP.

  • Change the default admin user name and Passoword,
  • Prevent unnecessary access to MFP, Access via define network range and ports only.
  • Ensure  Printer software is maintained at latest ( N) or (N-1).
  • Enable authentication while user pulls the print.
  • Enable auditing and SNMP on Printers
  • Encryption enabled for Sensitive Data
  • People awareness

Views by - Prikshit Goel

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