Cyber Resilience - How Tata Consultancy Services Ltd is helping Global Customers though its Resilience journey

What is Resilience?  It denotes both flexibility, strength. Webster’s defines Resilience as, 
The ability to bounce or spring back into shape, after being stretched.
I believe ‘Resilience’, in practice is to deal with analysis of inter-dependent systems to effectively manage complexity, deal with unpredicted events, identify workable ways to deal with rapid onset of stress and recover in short time. It’s also about self-organizing nature of systems, exposing systems to boundaries to probe its boundaries. It improves the ability to absorb, respond and recover from unpredicted events or emergencies towards building a better prepared resilient infrastructure.  Resilience follows an adaptive cycle and systems keep moving in a Fore loop of slow accumulation or Back loop of fast and chaotic creative destruction as depicted in the figure (Wilkinson, 2015). 
The analogy between cyber & infrastructure resilience is same. Tata Consultancy Services Ltd (TCS) has developed a core engine and undertakes Cyber Resilience maturity engagements for global customers to assess their maturity, bring out strategic gains through resilience maturity improvement engagements. The Figures below depicts and TCS Core engine dashboard, difference between security and resilience, and adaptive cycle model proposed by Wilkinson. For details, email –
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