Computer Security Day - Everyone is Responsible

Now days we cannot imagine our life without using a computer. Even though it makes our life simple but it equally has the capability to destroy it because of security concerns. To raise awareness amongst people every year November 30th is celebrated as computer security day in whole world. It was started in 1988 to prompt everyone of the importance of securing their networks, computers and data. Can it help an organization to reduce threat? Yes, as human is the weakest link of an organization, we can raise security awareness amongst employee to minimize risk to some extent. Information security is the responsibility of every employee of an organization irrespective of their designation. We can assist organizations in strengthening their information security by conducting some of activity on that day like,

  • Seminars on information security
  • Awareness on social engineering
  • Virus cleaning
  • Physical security of information assets
  • Deletion of unused files
  • Display computer security posters etc
  • Organization can procure any security product

So let’s take the opportunity together to help raise awareness amongst employee and reduce computer security issues. 

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There is little question that security awareness programs are essential, but we must also face that fact that people do not think or behave securely, especially in the face of the "new".  Technologists need to develop products and solutions that help people behave more securely, even going so far as to force good security behavior.  Recently, a report identified that over 50% of smart phone users operated without any device password at all.  This should not be possible.

I agree with your comment.People should take security as their responsibilty.Some reason for ignoring security, may be people are not aware of or do not recognize the risks or, they know the consequence  but do not act correctly.Answering questions correctly in an awareness session does not mean that the individual will behave according to the knowledge gained during an awareness programme.We can not expect 100% security by providing security awareness program but it can help us to reduce risk to some extent.