40 Applications in 16 week Challenge

The clock was ticking as the TCS-ESRM-EVM team had to complete security assessments of 40 applications in 16 weeks’ time for a reputed customer. Was it a challenge!! Answer is “Yes” before we started with it but later it felt as if it was a learning experience for everybody in the team.

Delivering within timelines, coping up with the strange but obvious behavior of developers, facing process related issues, logical and technical issues, etc. were some issues among the large list of challenges. It’s so simple and fascinating to hear that we have overcome the obstacle and delivered the project within timelines, yet it has just as been exceptionally hard to achieve this point.

This article focuses on some challenges faced while completing Dynamic Application Security Assessment for a leading telecom customer within strict deadline. First and foremost activity was to prepare an ambitious project plan but preparing a plan was not a huge task, implementing it was the real challenge.

With all these burning issues, maintaining the quality of the reviews and completing the project within deadline was a tough job but quality deliveries being the most important mission of TCS-ESRM-EVM, we took utmost care in that regard. Overcoming the challenges during the project has made our foothold strong in front of customers and in turn they started trusting us. What could be the most important stepping stone in an engagement other than your customers start trusting you!! Out of this experience all we can say is :

Challenges help us to find who we truly are and what we can do in challenging circumstances.

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