A:I am a developer, B:I am Information Security Consultant, A: Now what is that?

A:I am a developer? B:I am Information Security Consultant? A: Now what is that?
As a fresher, I had always met this sort of conversations with many of my colleagues. After 5 years of experience and a CISSP certification, as I continue to explore this field, I often wonder why I never had an answer for the question asked to me about Information Security earlier.
I feel that Information Security, being such a vast field and the need of the hour, truly needs to be incorporated as a part of curriculum in Universities as well as Corporate Trainings. Even after being one of the top fields, I often think freshers are void of this field. I guess this is where we can step in and fill the gap. We can conduct awareness sessions or maybe incorporate Information Security in Corporate Training so that every one is aware of such a field and can start exploring the variety of options that exist in this domain.
No wonder, the word Security has "I" and "UR" in it and also a "TY" to thank for :)
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