Ideal Enterprise Vulnerability Management Lab

Every Enterprise has many teams that work for multiple domains. As the security risk of each applications has increased in the recent days, almost all teams either want to have their own security team or they refer to Enterprise Security Team. If the teams work inside the premises, then the corporate policies do not allow the security team to work on all types of security domains.
In order to conduct a high end security testing on the applications or networks, an Enterprise Security team needs a security Lab which should be free from corporate restricted policies and have its own policies to control its internal security & safety. This Lab should be segregated and restricted from other working areas (or can be called as ODC).
What are the requirements for an Ideal Lab?
The basic requirement for a Lab is described below.

  • Lab should be able to handle different kinds of client requests.
  • A dedicated room with restricted access.
  • A team should consist of few Analysts, Sr. Analysts, consultants, auditors and managers.
  • Open internet access for conducting security assessments.
  • Wireless Access Point (WAP) facility to support mobility testing.
  • Systems & Networks should be secured by routers, firewalls (host & perimeter based), Intruder Detection System (IDS), Intruder Prevention System (IPS), Anti-virus, Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solutions (Encryption & USB restrictions).
  • Lab should have facility for creating multiple VLANs which will be different from ODC network.

Facilities of a Lab

  • Security team admin should have admin access to install any software – Security & Non-Security tools
  • Should be able to PoC of new tools and hardware’s
  • Should be able to support different types of VPN connections from different clients
    • Customer to Client Connection
      • Uses Software based tool to create VPN
    • Client to Client Connection ?
      • Separate dedicated line between 2 offices
    • MPLS Connection ?
      • Uses Corporate’s dedicated line between 2 offices ?
      • Dedicated line between client and security team lab
  • Lab should have servers hosting from data-center to host web applications used for below activities
    • Delivery portal
    • Any training related applications
    • Client Management portal
    • Mobile apps related portal
    • Other required applications
  • Lab should have below assets for conducting different types of assessment
    • Servers (Multi-core CPUs, High RAMS & HDD)
    • Workstations (Single or Dual core CPUs, Normal RAM & HDD)
    • Laptops (Dual or Quad Core CPUs, Medium RAM & HDD)
    • Tablets (Android & iOS)
    • Mobile Devices (Android, Windows, Blackberry)
    • Security Tools (AppSec – Static & Dynamic, Network, Mobile)
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