Fight with Terrorism vs Data Privacy

An hour back I was reading an article on an online news site about the tussle going on between the US companies like Apple, Google and the US government on the issue of 'use of encryption'. And this tussle is going on for almost a year now. The US agency FBI is criticizing Apple because it is unable to read iPhone users’ messages after Justice Department obtains iMessage ruling. FBI has been asking the tech. giant to stop providing encryption to its customers.
Terrorism is on apex and US government claims to be fighting against it extensively. Obviously they will have a list of suspects too. Now FBI must be tracking each and every activity of those suspects including their messages exchanged through mobile or other devices. Criminals or those suspects would be using Apple iPhone and its iMessage application, but since the iMessage system has end-to-end encryption inbuilt, it is becoming hard for the security agency to read those messages. This is what they are arguing with Apple. As per the agency the tools harm the American people by making it harder to catch terrorists, pedophiles and other criminals.
On the other hand the company is arguing around user data privacy and use of strong encryption mechanism to provide better security. being a private firm business is of much importance for them. Also, they have to comply with various security standards and laws by providing security to user data privacy. Moreover, they will not be ready to share user data with the government agency again because of privacy reasons.
One side there is an agency who wants to fight with terrorism by any means and on the other side a company who wants to run a successful business by providing various security features to its customers. No party seems to compromise or find a solution on this issue.
This summer, Apple with its arch-rival Google wrote to Obama administration urging the need to preserve strong encryption against pressure from law enforcement agencies. The letter argued that “strong encryption is the cornerstone of the modern information economy’s security”, and that the government should “fully support and not undermine efforts to create encryption standards [nor] in any way subvert, undermine, weaken or make vulnerable” commercial software.
One thought, "Technology should serve both the business and people in a balanced way without compromising user privacy and national security"
What is your thought on this?
Authored by Yogesh Kumar Sharma
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