Windows PCs Make Up 80% Of Mobile Network Infections

Microsoft Windows PCs -- not smartphones and tablets -- harbor most of the malware on mobile networks, according to a new Alcatel-Lucent report.

Mobile devices are the least of your worries in a mobile network: Windows PCs are responsible for 80% of all malware infections on today's mobile infrastructure, new data shows.
Alcatel-Lucent's Motive Security Labs this week published its findings from the first half of 2015, showing that the overall infection rate for mobile devices had declined from 0.68% to 0.50% from January to April of this year. Then it spiked to 0.75% in late June, thanks in part to the main source of malware on a mobile network -- Windows PCs tethered to mobile WiFi devices, hotspots, and smartphones getting hit mainly with malicious adware.

The report is yet another reality check on mobile security, indicating that the bad guys still prefer infecting pervasive and often vulnerable Windows machines over smartphones, despite worries over mobile devices being targeted and a rise in mobile malware. Motive Security Labs found that 80% of the infected devices on mobile networks in June were Windows PCs, followed by Androids



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