Cyber Hygiene

The issue of Cyber hygiene may be looked at from the perspective of each of the stakeholder communities. One sensible grouping of stakeholder communities is
  1. Individuals
  2. Organizations – These are characterized by being able to formulate policy and require that all the individuals that are a part of the organization follow those policies for all official work. Organizations may be grouped into:
    • Large and possibly transnational organizations
    • Smaller organizations
  3. Internetworked conglomerations of organizations and Individuals
Each of these stakeholder communities face differing risks and have differing quantities of resources that they are able to deploy on addressing Cyber hygiene. Therefore it is sensible to look at these stakeholder groups separately. Cyber hygiene may be looked upon as the deploying of various controls. The deployment of controls must be managed to ensure that these controls are effective. Effectiveness means that the control, by design, can achieve what it is intended to. It also means an assessment of whether the control is being operated correctly.
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Authored by Sundeep Oberoi
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