Digital Security ÔÇô A significant need for today's IT world

Emergence, advancement and significant use of various digital technologies such as cloud, mobility, IoT, social platforms etc and generation of tremendous amount of data has made Digital security a challenging issue with utmost concern.

Daily and all around the digital technology is opening and promoting new ways to execute, manage, communicate and work with different kind of information or data which can either be personal, official, confidential, sensitive etc. And obviously this data is being exchanged with various entities such as organizations, people and devices. Due to various obvious benefits these entities are growing, generating and exchanging data at a rapid rate but with all this there is a large amount of security implications and risks for users and data as well.

Analysts predict that by 2020 between 25 and 100 billion devices will be connected and exchanging data globally, and the market will be worth hundreds of billions of dollars. This is a huge opportunity for businesses but at the same time tremendous risks and threats from hackers and malicious users are lying ahead. Analysts predicts that by 2025 the digital economy is going to hit a $4.8trillion up 29% from today- for technology companies. These companies are the digital enablers who will provide technology and connectivity and make digital transformation possible. Analysts also says that along with digital business we need to develop and enhance our approach towards digital security which extensively covers cyber-security, operational technology security, IT security and physical security.

Digital security is a mean to resolve those implications and reduce various associated risks. Digital security includes various tools which are used to secure digital identities and assets in an online and mobile world. With increased rate of sophisticated attacks and cybercrimes and their unfruitful consequences, significance of protecting confidential data and user privacy has become more important and challenging.

Authored by Yogesh Kumar Sharma

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