Follow secure software development life cycle to reduce risks

The purpose of this article is to ventilate the user to Secure Software Development Life Cycle (S-SDLC). Understanding about Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) is very significant for anyone who wants to understand S-SDLC.

SDLC process is a well-defined, organized sequence of stages in software engineering,

1. To develop a software product and software applications.

2. Most organizations have a process in place for developing software; this process may, at times, be customized based on the organizations requirement and framework.

The intent of an SDLC process is to produce a product that is cost-efficient, productive and of high quality. The Following are some of the major steps which capped the whole SDLC process, regardless of the organization.

Earlier, organizations were just captivated in developing an application and selling it to the client and does not care about rest of the complexities. So, security(a combination of Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability) in SDLC has been introduced to fulfill those gaps and reduce the complexities like cybercrimes, dataloss etc. 

The S-SDLC is a software development process that helps developers build more protected software and report security compliance requirements while minimizing development cost. To protect any software from danger (Risk, Threat, Vulnerability) Security should be implemented in all phases of SDLC.

To conclude, Security in SDLC should not be an option any more rather it should be a prerequisite for every software development process as securing application puts a brake on future unprecedented incidents. However it is always advisable for organizations to get their application and infrastructure reviewed from security consultants.

Authored by Rashmi Tarai

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