Cyber Threat Intelligence is not just part of the product and related services. It is much more than that !!

Cyber Threat intelligence is a very important factor for enterprise cyber defense and successful advanced security operation in today’s cyber security world. It will not be more effective unless it is put in to the context of a security posture of an organization. Most organization’s thought process about the threat intelligence is that it is part of the product and related services. Also there is a lack of in house skills or resources to use this intelligence or correlate the intelligence with internal intelligence hence there is a failure or poor operational results of security deployments. Three months before, IDC has conducted the survey to find out the understanding of the organization about threat intelligence and key factor to success and the outcome of the survey is briefed below.

Threat intelligence is a service – data is collected and correlated from various multiple resources and provided to organizations as a service which needs to be utilized by the correct skilled resources to its maximum effectiveness. The organization should not look at these just as a combination of products and services.

Threat Intelligence helps in faster response – It helps the organizations to prepare better for attacks, increases the operational efficiency and remediate the attacks or respond to attacks faster.

Lack of skilled resources – Organizations are outsourcing some of the security operations to third party due to lack of skills and to achieve better performance, get visibility, continuous monitoring and overall control of security. The lack of skills result in underutilization of the threat intelligence, therefore, organizations need to put the correct resource for correlation and analysis of this intelligence to convert into meaningful information required to enrich the detection and response capabilities.

We are getting following through threat intelligence services:

  • Proactive information tailored to your organization environment which needs to be acted upon
  • What kind of threat and vulnerability exists in your application, Operating system and hardware?
  • Provides detailed remediation information and suggestion for the remediation.
  • Access to threat and vulnerability data base whenever it is required
  • Details of malware domain and URL reputation
  • Context aware security management – Correlate data from end point, network level and third party security products with early warning alerts


Cyber Threat intelligence is not just an information but it provides actionable advice to security operations which is derived and correlated from multiple resources across enterprises. It can be integrated with end points, network and gateway level of an organization to recognize and act upon indicators of compromise in a timely manner. Some organizations are reluctant to adopt this as a service due to which they miss the visibility/ insight of their security infrastructure and there is no improvement in security performance. Properly implemented cyber threat intelligence can save time & money and improve the Security operation performance and get the visibility of security posture & control of security deployments. Context aware is the key and must range beyond traditional security operations include physical security infrastructure of an organization as well as threat information from multiple sources.

Authored by Selva Rani

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