Threat in ÔÇ£Being NetizenÔÇØ

The recent evolution in digital space has taken everyone under its purview. Smart phones with the capability to run any application makes it the most intelligent portable device today. With the increase in availability of banking & financial apps, availability and affordability of the devices, more people are shifting to mobile apps. Though digitization has been embraced positively, there is also a grimy side to it.

The trend has started with basic internet connectivity to social media like Google+, Facebook etc. which are gradually being used for identity and access management. Even if you are using any app, it is beginning to ask for privileges beyond user’s control with an identity as mentioned earlier. Application related to bill payments, talk time recharges, movie ticket bookings have gone further from identity to financial transactions requiring credit card details. Any breach to installed app can easily compromise the user’s personal, identity & access related information which may result in financial losses.

In another security related scenario, posting of physical locations as you travel in multiple social and travel apps, can lead to severe problems like physical harm, robbery, kidnapping, etc.

This phenomenon seems more severe in mobiles but cannot be ignored in case of personal computer. Improper usage of web applications can make you fall into the trap of hackers via spam mail, social message, instant offers etc. These opportunities not only steal user’s data by different forms of attack without user consent but also abuse it for personal gain.

In near future, another dimension which has recently gained interest is the internet of things (IoT) which is going to cover users in their physical boundary through intelligent devices. Example of such devices can be smart driver or automated card, smart watch to control your diet, calories burnt, rest time etc. poses higher threat to users. A small breach in the functioning of automated car can cause severe physical harm or loss of life. Citing another example, a minor compromise can control your body activities.

Therefore the more intelligent we are becoming with digitally connected devices, the more we are moving towards the chance of getting trapped by different threats. So, it is always a best practice to evaluate the device or app you are going to use and adopt security measures as per your risk appetite. Threats are always there and will always be there. Continuous awareness and operating within defined boundaries can help avoid damages from threats. Thus,

It is always advisable -

The way you close the door and windows before you go to bed, in the same fashion make a practice to disconnect yourself from digital space as per your defined boundaries” 

Authored by Ajit Kumar Meher

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