Internet of things - The more we connect, the more we grow

Our world has started to follow the slogan “the more we connect the more we grow”. Internet of Things (IoT) is another example of this. Internet of Things has made things easy and fast. Internet of Things is used in home automation, health control system, kitchen appliances, smart cities, thermostats, transportation system, energy management, intelligent shopping system etc. As we all know everything in this world has two phases, one positive and one negative. We enjoy the positive aspect of Internet of Things very much but only a few know much about negative aspect. There exists an element called Hacker in our physical world that never leaves a chance to threaten us in the cyber world. Internet of Things has many security threats as well. There are many electronic devices in our house that can be used against us. Our phones can be used to send bogus message to anyone and create chaos, our CCTV camera can be used to keep eye on us at our own home without knowing it , our system can be hacked to get account details for unauthenticated money transactions or our health monitoring devices can be abused by our enemies to harm us badly. One should be more careful while using Internet of Things. Computer-controlled devices in automobiles such as brakes, engine, locks, hood and truck releases, horn, heat, and dashboard have been shown to be vulnerable to attackers who have access to the onboard network. In some cases, vehicle computer system are internet-connected, allowing them to be exploited remotely. By 2008, security researchers had shown the ability to remotely control pacemakers without authority. Later hackers demonstrated remote control of insulin pumps. It would be better to understand security measures. The layman is unaware of cyber attacks. They do not understand how attackers can misuse their devices.

Concerns have been raised that the Internet of Things is being developed rapidly without appropriate consideration of the profound security challenges involved and the regulatory changes that might be necessary. Many network security ideas can be used to protect our Internet of Things. Hackers have many ways to attack us like snooping, phishing, masquerading, repudiation, traffic analysis etc. Encipherment is a robust security mechanism to protect networks. There are many other ways to control security such as digital signature, traffic padding, notarization, routing control, authentication exchange etc. No port should open without authorization and any new activity should prompt to the administrator to allow. A biometric system can be used to secure networks better, this method is more trusted as no one can masquerade anyone. Many network security algorithms are being developed at different TCP/IP layers to create a secure network. Data Encryption Standard(DES)/Advanced Encryption Standard(AES) give varied ways to serve security.

Internet of Things has many more to do in the future with security accompanied. More care is taken to security rather than application development these days because no technology is useful until secure. Cyber attackers will be let down by cyber protectors and IoT will grow ever wider.

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