Security Considerations in a Data Center Deployment

A data center for the core of every organization making use of IT as its basic business or as a supporting arm. All the business critical information lies in the data center components. With the growing inter-connectivity among the businesses and internet and the prevalence of hacking and corporate espionage, securing the data has become the key to survival of an organization. A breach of the data center can have catastrophic consequences to the business.

Hence securing the data center is a prime concern in the current scenario.

The overall architecture of the Data Center is essentially comprised of the following four layers

  • Network: The network layer uses Layer 2 and 3 switches to provide reliable access to the compute layer. It connects all the data center resources. It uses Layer 2/Layer 3 network switches to connect users with data center resources
  • Compute: The compute layer is composed of the servers that run applications invoked by users. Server switches interconnect the computing resources and provide access to the storage layer
  • Storage: The storage layer stores the data used by applications on storage subsystems like disk and tape drives. The storage layer uses storage switches and optical transport platforms to interconnect and provide access to storage resources within the data center.
  • Security : The security layer is composed of the specialized security software that run across all the other layers of the data center in addition to being present in the form of specialized hardware like firewalls, Intrusion Protection System (IPS) etc.\

In order to have well defined defense setup against information security risks, multiple layers of security with different technologies have to be inbuilt into the design of the data center

The overall security deployment happens in various stages. Please explore all those stages in the attached pdf file.

Authored by Prikshit Goel

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