The word 'Cyber' breeds many connotations, for example

Cybernetics, cyber crime, cybergoth, cyber party, cyber punk, cyberspace, cyberwarfare, cyber-attack, cyber convention, cybermetic organism, and so the permutation gets greater in our continuum of an ever decreasing world.

Cyberwarfare is the modern greatest threat on the internet, its technology, threat actors,  from the criminal element through to national state backed hackers.  Its pervasive in its execution, with activity on the surface web, deep web and dark net.   The actors prowl all areas in order to find its prey, irrespective of age, sex or condition.  The criminal element is focused on the theft of personal identity, where passports, driving licences and credit card details are rich pickings and sell for good fortune on the dark net.

Evidence is readily available in a plethora of reports, and potential ongoing costs of how it will impact on society.  All will see resolution as a government responsibility, yet we all have our part to play.  However, delving into the impact of how cyberwarfare would be resolved is not an easy task.  As such one element is now defined, as previously stated as 'Cyberwarfare'. 

By viewing Norse Map will provide the reader of this article a global map of real-time activity.  This isn't fictional, it's happening for real.  Thoughts of Star Wars though on celluloid, may well come to mind, the principal is similar yet how far away is it, maybe it could be a matter of time, who knows!!!

But Norse Map, as stated is in the here and now, so yes its real-time. For some is could be exciting, intriguing, or even frightening.  It's of interest that today (3rd May 2016), the two key players amidst the realm of other players, Attacks are originating from China, with  Attack Targets directed to the United States of America.  Reading more headlines in International news, it makes one wonder how life will prevail.

Turning to Cyberwarfare as a focus, we've seen the activity in space, with the international space station, which I consider is positive.  However, and there will probably always be a 'however', I wonder what the inner thoughts of the inner sanctum of the White House or Executive of China are and will be?  And how they envisage the future of the world will approach it's time to come.

The article by, and which I'm gratified to Pierluigi Paganini of Security Affairs, takes us back to the here and now.  Albeit and succinct article, it's powerful, forward thinking and a vision for the future.  Most certainly, I proffer to all that’s the subject is one to keep a watching brief on.

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Authored by Howard Smith

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