Is IRCTC website hacked?

IRCTC Website Hacked?

There were news reports that the Maharashtra cyber cell has informed IRCTC, India’s largest e-commerce websites and prime platform for booking railway tickets, about a potential data theft. Even though, IRCTC, the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation Limited, has denied news reports that its data had been hacked, panic is there among the users of the site. IRCTC PRO Sandip Dutta said: “There has been no hacking attempt on the site. A high-level committee has been formed to probe the matter.” However, most of the news agencies reported it as a case of hacking and with the news, many frantically went and changed their password, some others created new accounts. It was reported that the credit/debit card details, PAN card details, Aadhaar card details, email ids and mobile numbers, which were revealed by IRCTC users will now be used by the hackers.

An important aspect which has to be differentiated here is hack and leak. Hacking, the IRCTC website and accessing the encrypted data sounds not real. The reports on the information shared by Maharashtra cyber cell and the official version of IRCTC is indicating it as a case of leak of information, primarily the data base of customers which could be used for marketing purposes. This point to the major problem of insider information leak which is often a neglected area of cyber security.

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Thanks Jose Mohan for touching upon the difference between a hack and a leak. These words are generally being in an overlapping manner. Also, good that the point of insider information leak is being highlighted which I think is the weakest link in the whole chain when it comes to cyber security.