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In today’s World of Business, Cyber attacks have become unavoidable part of life. The more Businesses are trying to reach out to their customers abolishing physical boundaries by making their presence online, the more rise of cyber attacks are seen. One of the most common types of cyber threat is denial of service (DoS).

As the name implies dos attacks prevents the legitimate entities from accessing the websites and other online resources; and the underlying infrastructure. Another flavour of DoS attacks is to exploit vulnerabilities in application and communication protocols (aka protocol abuse). A typical dos attack last for days, weeks or even months in some cases. The larger the duration of the dos attack the extreme destruction to the organization. 

Successful denial of service attacks could result in interruption of business services, reputational damage, customer dissatisfaction and potential regulatory interests or fines. Impact of the dos attacks could be different for different organizations i.e. if the target is financial industry then the intention may not be only limited to bring the services down but it could be extended to stealing the valuable data, intellectual property or financial fraudulent activities.

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Authored by Prashant Jagdish Joshi

TCS’ Enterprise Security and Risk Management

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