TCS and Intel Security Data Center Security Solution

TCS and Intel Security Data Center Security Solution provides malware protection, intrusion prevention, data protection, security monitoring, and incident response.
Data centers are the core enablers of IT driven business, and hence require comprehensive security controls to mitigate cyber security risk. Distributed workloads and virtualization enabled data centers today, pose new challenges for information security.
In collaboration with Intel Security, we have created a joint solution for malware protection, intrusion prevention, data protection, security monitoring, and incident response. The solution simplifies management, provides real-time centralized monitoring, advanced threat detection, fine grained data protection and automated response.

The TCS Advantage

The success of this partnership is built on TCS’ Global Network Delivery Model (GNDM™) that effectively delivers Managed Security Services and the Intel Security solution portfolio that enables sustainable security for the data center. TCS’s global footprint, comprehensive security experience, high quality service delivery standards, and risk averse execution practices help realize the best returns on security investments

Solution We Offer

TCS and Intel Security’s Data Center Security Solution uses a multi-layer security approach that begins with basic security fundamentals and moves up to more advanced implementations covering almost every aspect. This allows to clearly define security for next generation data centers and ensure effective risk mitigating. Our four tiered solution includes:
  • Advanced malware protection for physical servers, virtual servers and storage systems. 
  • Network level intrusion detection and prevention, web security, email security, and remote access security covering east – west and north –south traffic within and in the perimeter of the data center. The solution enforces granular policies and controls across the virtual and physical workloads.
  • Protection and detection of the data violations and unauthorized access. The solution includes Data Loss Prevention (DLP) for data in transit and at rest, database level firewall and virtual patching, and media and files/ folder encryption.
  • Real-time security monitoring, log retention, incident response, and vulnerability management services provide continuous visibility and effective threat handling across the network, hypervisor, Operating System (OS), database, and applications layer.

Solution Benefits

Our solution ensures the following benefits:
  • Speed-up deployment efforts by up to 50% and enjoy up to 50% reduced costs.
  • Ensure complete security and real-time monitoring and threat visibility of data center security.
  • Boost operational efficiencies with integrated security and reduce the time to contain threats
  • Enable highest protection without compromising the availability and performance of the DC workloads with tailored policies
  • Ensure tiered service levels for protection controls based on risk – threat, enterprise, or compliance.
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Outstanding article, supported by the excellent PDF.  TCS are visionary in this 'Cyber threat induced world'.