Hiding in plain sight: Examining support for steganographically hidden content on the internet

Steganography is the practice of hiding a message or a file within another file so that only the sender and receiver know of its existence. It may also involve the use of cryptography, where the secret message/file is encrypted before being hidden. The objective is to ensure that transmission of secret data remains unsuspected and undetectable. Unlike encrypted files, steganographically hidden messages do not attract attention or arouse suspicion.

Steganography is both an art and a science. As a science it has evolved with advancement in technology, hiding techniques & tools, and as an art it has evolved with ingenuity of man. This advancement has made it easy for anyone to practice it from anywhere on the planet.

This article presents an approach to examine whether a website allows support for steganographically hidden content by evaluating a varied mix of social media sites, image hosting sites, media sites and a few easily available steganography tools.

Please open the attached pdf file to explore the full article.

Authored by Vivek Kaushik

TCS Enterprise Security and Risk Management

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