NDIA's CYBER READINESS AT A GLANCE-Cyber Readiness Index (CRI)-December 2016

The Cyber Readiness Index (CRI) 2.0 has been employed to evaluate India’s current preparedness levels for cyber risks. This analysis provides an actionable blueprint for India to better understand its Internet infrastructure dependencies and vulnerabilities and assess its commitment and maturity to closing the gap between its current cybersecurity posture and the national cyber capabilities needed to support its digital future.
According to the CRI 2.0 assessment, India is still in the early stages of developing a path toward cyber resilience and cyber readiness and is currently partially operational only in one of the seven CRI essential elements.
There is still a substantial gap in terms of India's national- level preparedness for cyber risks.Improving the country’s cyber security posture will require committing sufficient resources and up-leveling the importance of it to the future of India’s national and economic security
The PDF document available at URL (http://www.potomacinstitute.org/images/CRI/CRI_India_Profile.pdf ) has a full assessment of the country’s cyber security-related efforts and capabilities based on the seven essential elements of the CRI 2.0 (national strategy, incident response, e-crime and law enforcement, information sharing, investment in R&D, diplomacy and trade, and defense and crisis response)
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