An Awareness: Digitalization going hand in hand with security

An Awareness: Digitalization going hand in hand with security
Most important aspects in today's world are digitalization and security of services and values that we provide to our customers. In this digital transforming phase,
Cybersecurity needs to step up in this race and provide optimized solutions. We are facing greater challenges on levels of security, risk, and compliance. Various incidents have been reported in the day to day life. Automation and digitalization can provide a bright future but insecure and less protected future. Security is the foundation of digitalization journey.
Here, I list some of the points we need to focus on:
  1. There are gaps between cyber security attacks, crimes, and their awareness. In IT industry, security is missing in digitalized projects. We need to fill-in this gap so as to spread awareness and protect our sectors.
  2. Security must be preached and practiced even more on the board level. Even though reports and statistics are generated, this kind of concerns are not taken seriously.
  3. In Digitalization phase, the focus has been given to other platforms such as innovation, speed, agility, connectivity. Hence security stands as an enemy in front of it. Security, though knowing is crucial part is not confronted. A Certain level of maturity is lacking.
  4. Industries have been focusing on how to get ahead and predicting where technology is heading, but are unaware in what way it can impact. Due to this hackers are in advantage holding various potential risks and threats against us.
Security awareness has become a need now. The gaps between security and the reality have to be minimized. This can be achieved by proper skill set and strategy align with prioritization. We need to put security at the center of our business.
This is where we need digitalization to go in hand with the growing technology and its security.
Authored By - Bhagyashri Wani
TCS Cyber Security Practice
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