HackQuest 2.0 – Are you ready for the Challenge?

‘Before it was about intellectual curiosity and pursuit of knowledge and thrill and now hacking is Big business’ – Kevin Mitnick.

We lead a digital life today, where a click of a button and your money is transferred, we order everything from cell phones to clothes & shoes to bread and butter and eggs online.  A digital life where data is power and loss or misuse of this data can bring down corporations. With the recent ransomware attacks like Wannacry, Locky and others Cyber Security have become the top-most priority for companies as it not only results in revenue losses but also tarnishes the brand image.

As we move towards a world where technology is at the core of every business, every industry, and every sector, resulting in a multitude of opportunities, it also creates an increasing threat to hackers. Hence, the role of cybersecurity professionals has become paramount. These are individuals with specific skills to find vulnerabilities or weakness in different systems. Cybersecurity professionals and risk assessors are in high demand, whether it is with government organizations or multinational corporations.

As a front-runner in the IT space and working in cutting edge technology areas for fortune 500 companies, ensuring data security is critical to TCS. Our Cyber Security unit is constantly looking for bright and talented individuals to work in the area of enterprise security & risk assessment. In early 2017 we introduced a contest – HackQuest – an ethical hacking contest for students. This enabled us to spot entry-level talent in the cybersecurity space. We had a successful run with season 1 and we are now back with the second season.

If you are an ethical hacker or have a knack for identifying loopholes in systems, then HackQuesst is for you. Not only does it provide a platform for students to compete with some of the best ethical hackers but also an opportunity to turn your passion into your profession, do what you love legally. Besides the attractive prizes, HackQuest also gives students an opportunity to start and build their career in the cybersecurity space with TCS.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and register now

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