Trends to influence Cyber Security and Security Transformation

Cyber Security practices are continuously improving and adapting to emerging business models, changing technology landscape as well as threat and attack landscape. 

Security needs to move in tandem with changing business and technology trends. Thus it’s prudent to make an attempt to understand the trends, foresee possible change required in prevailing practices and adapt accordingly.

Hereafter in this note, I am trying to present my viewpoint on the few trends which might require attention and initiate the effort to identify the potential solution to possible risks.

Business and Social Trends

The business environment is turning highly competitive and challenging compelling the organization to leave no stone unturned to ensure they stay ahead of the competition in their market space. Similarly, social platforms are able to establish a strong foothold with the majority of individuals are taking a deeper plunge in the virtual space.

Mentioned below are few of the business and social trends:

  1. The era of Information holding more value than tangible assets has arrived
  2. Availability of highly persistent digital footprints across organizations landscape and social media, making it possible to model and recreate organizations or individuals past and provide insight into potential future action
  3. Increasing dependability of organizations and individuals on Decision support system with self-learning/improving capability (modeled using artificial intelligence (AI), predictive analysis etc.) in making critical decisions. Thus moving them away from seeking the opinion of experienced people and elders 
  4. The exponential growth of interconnected devices controlling normal household tasks to advanced scientific systems
  5. Increasing emphasis on mining the individuals personal related information and using the insight for business benefits i.e. like product design, identify target customers and impact the buying decision
  6. The possibility of social media ecosystem becoming the competitive battlefield for individuals and/ or organizations just like the existing real world

Technology Infrastructure

Mentioned below are few of the technology trends :

  1. Increasing focus on designing loosely coupled application(s) and systems using microservices and API’s to achieve easier and seamless integration across the enterprise as well as with applications outside enterprise boundaries and diverse vendors. 
  2. The emergence of hyper-converged infrastructure is bringing compute, network and storage together affecting the way tradition systems and applications were designed
  3. Increased adoption of cloud infrastructure or use of automation and orchestration to achieve agility and reduced time to enable underlying technology services and resources
  4. The possibility of cyberspace driven by inheriting the nation repudiating characteristic of individuals real identity. Identity to become the most dependable validation criteria before information exchange
  5. Increased usage of Agile approach and Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment approach for application design and development resulting in more frequent and continuous changes in underlying systems

Security Market Space & Attack Landscape

Security practices have definitely improved a lot over the time and industry is focused to bring the innovative and improved solutions to address the growing threats from cyber adversaries.

The security market space and attack landscape are witnessing the following trends:

  1. Security market space to be exploded with a large number of products and services companies (currently more than 250 - 300 companies already exists with security product portfolio) causing delays in right product selection, the challenge in integration and derive complete value
  2. The possibility of consolidation of the security companies which are providing complimentary services
  3. Widening gap in Cyber Security Supply Chain ecosystem with increasing applicability, growing requirement of services as well as faster changing business and technology landscape
  4. Threat Landscape is increasing getting broad-based and attacks are getting more targeted and Collaborative
  5. Definitive purpose of Attack – financial gain, IPR data, competitive information, personal sensitive information etc.
  6. Increasing Zero-day attacks

More details on the evolution of security services can also be found on one of my other article titled Evolving Cyber Security Strategy and Practices

Authored By - Himanshu Porwal
TCS Cyber Security Practice

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