Are we still hesitant about the importance of security in wireless implementations?

In our day to day to life, wireless technology like Bluetooth, Wifi is playing an important role to an individual and also all organizations when it comes to deploying wireless networks, applications, and devices to improve employee productivity. But the concern is when any confidential, personal and private data is flowing over the wireless path, how are we confident that our data is secured or doesn't get tampered or stolen in air transit. Here comes the importance of wireless security for our home networks and all organizations when it comes to deploying wireless networks, applications and devices and this article will shed some light on the basics of wireless security and it's importance.

Wireless networks are forcing organizations to completely rethink how they secure their networks and devices to prevent attacks and misuse that expose critical assets and confidential data. Wireless networks offer great potential for exploitation for two reasons; they use the airwaves for communication and wireless-enabled laptops.  To make the most of their security planning, enterprises need to focus on threats that pose the greatest risk. Additional wireless access security challenges come through the use of wireless-enabled devices by employees, the growing amount of confidential data residing on those devices, and the ease with which end users can engage in the risky wireless behavior. The value of connectivity typically outweighs concerns about security, as users need to get work done while at home or while traveling. Survey data from the leading research group, Gartner, shows that at least 25 percent of business travelers connect to hotspots, many of which are unsecured while traveling. Furthermore, about two-thirds of those who use hotspots connect to online services via Wi-Fi at least once a day highlighting the need for extending wireless security outside of the enterprise.

To ensure effective, automated wireless threat protection, companies, and government organizations should implement a  complete wireless security solution covering assets across the enterprise that enables them to discover vulnerabilities, assess threats, prevent attacks, and ensure ongoing compliance - in the most secure, easy-to-use and cost-effective manner available.

Please refer to attached document for a detailed read on Wireless Security.

Authored By - Vishal Pote
TCS Cyber Security Practice

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