Weekly Security Bulletin

This advisory captures some of the critical threats, vulnerabilities and key cyber security headlines in news during the week that might require immediate attention.The specific critical threats / vulnerabilities are:

Vulnerability Details

  • Zero-Day Bug Fixed by Microsoft
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader DC text field remote code execution vulnerability

Malware Campaign

  • Satan Ransomware Variant – Impacts Linux and Windows
  • Shamoon 3 Targets Oil and Gas Organization
  • Dear Joohn: The Sofacy Group’s Global Campaign

Popular Security News

  • Microsoft, PayPal and Google Top the Brands Hit by Phishing
  • Claroty Adds New Capabilities to Industrial Security Platform
  • Organizations Still Slow to Detect Breaches: CrowdStrike
  • Apache Misconfig Leaks Data on 120 Million Brazilians
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