How to clear .dat files from Siteminder AdminUI console

dat files ?? :  These are the extension files which stores policy store information and it gets generated on the siteminder adminui server.

Any action on the siteminder adminui will generate .dat files on the server where adminui is installed. Deleting .dat files directly from the server will corrupt the data on the adminui console.

We have an option to clear these .dat files by performing the below steps on the adminui console.

You will see huge amount of space gets occupied by dat files. So clearing off these dat files will help in releasing more space in the server.

1) First find out the amount of space .dat files are occupying on the server(which are present in seg0 folder).
2) Login into AdminUI console with an administrator id and navigate to Reports - Audit - Tasks  - View submitted tasks.
3) You can search for the number of submitted tasks submitted within a particular timeline.
We need to clear these submitted tasks for releasing the space on the server.
4) Navigate to Administration - Admin UI - Cleanup Submitted Tasks.
5) Select Execute Now and click on Next.
6) Enter Minimum Age which is the only mandatory field. The other fields can be left with default values.
If we enter 1 month, it means that we are cleaning up the tasks submitted 1 month back and before.
7) Click on Finish.
8) You can view Submitted tasks to see if there is a reduction in the number of tasks after cleanup.
9) Login into the server where ADMINUI is installed and you can see the space which got recovered after the cleanup and there will be less dat files in seg0 folder.

Authored By - Umasankar Bonumaddi
TCS Cyber Security Practice

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