HackQuest - Season 4

Data is gold!! Data is now more valuable than oil. Data is now “the” thing to steal. Data is virtual, travels digitally and is mostly online. State-sponsored espionage missions are instituted to steal sensitive data from other states.

We need to create an army to protect data with the same zealousness of an army that guards it's country’s physical borders. We need them to be conversant with the way data is stored, moved and used. With more and more of our information going online, from work to our personal lives, our data is more at risk than ever before. How can we ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of our data?

In this backdrop TCS Cyber Security unit is looking for students who have a passion for ethical hacking and in general, securing the digital future of organizations engaged in transacting millions of data points across the world!

Participation: Students graduating in the year 2020 from studying BTech / Mtech / BCA / MCA / MSc (IT and Computer Science) from all the relevant institutes in India.

Please refer to the HackQuest Season 4 contest page in Campus Commune for more details.


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