TCS' Enterprise Security and Risk Management (ESRM)


TCS’ Enterprise security and Risk management (ESRM) is a dedicated service line, well-positioned to provide best in class, domain-integrated security solutions aligned with customers’ business objectives. With integrated security solutions, TCS extends Full Services Play in the Security domains, Risk Management, Regulatory Compliance, Information Protection, and Business Continuity & Recovery solutions. TCS solutions minimize risks, ensure regulatory compliance, manage security operations and proactively protect critical information against emerging threats.

TCS has helped global enterprises across verticals manage risks, ensure regulatory compliance, proactively protect critical information assets against emerging threats, achieve cyber resilience, and recover rapidly from security incidents. TCS has a successful track record of executing numerous engagements globally, delivering domain integrated security solutions fully aligned with clients' objectives on integrated view of risks, threats, responses & mitigation plans.

TCS' ESRM offerings include security consulting, professional services and managed operation services in the areas as enunciated in the diagram:

Managed Security Services (MSS)
With the rapid increase in cybercrimes and a changing threat landscape, enterprises are continually demanding a secure environment along with scalable, cost-effective and flexible security platforms from a trusted partner. TCS’ Managed Security Services (MSS) offers comprehensive real time security, with end-to-end coverage to ensure optimal protection, effective incident response and threat management. 
To protect enterprise’s information and infrastructure assets, TCS’ MSS provides an extensive set of services which encompasses:
  1. End-point Security 
  2. Network Security
  3. Data Security
  4. Vulnerability Management 
  5. User provisioning and Access Management
  6. Security Incident and Event Management
Identity and Access Management (IAM)
TCS offer a wide range of IAM solutions along with offerings focused on specific functional areas including provisioning, role-based access control, role management, access management, single sign-on and federated identity management. IAM offering include five core areas:
  1. IAM Visualization
  2. IAM solution evaluation
  3. IAM prioritization
  4. IAM Execution
  5. IAM Institutionalization
Enterprise Vulnerability Management (EVM)
TCS offer an end-to-end application, network and mobile security testing services. These services are offered from six major locations serving customers in various geographies across multiple industry verticals. Our specialization lies in carrying out vulnerability assessment and penetration testing services through proven methodologies delivered by highly skilled security SMEs.
  1. Integrated Enterprise VM Program
  2. Security Assessment Services
  3. Services for Monitoring and Security Intelligence Operations
Governance, Risk and Compliance
TCS' GRC service helps organizations effectively manage regulatory, compliance requirements, identify risks and enable them to take well informed decisions to mitigate identified risks. TCS' GRC offering includes:
  1. Business Resilience
  2. Governance and Reporting
  3. Operational Risk Management
  4. Regulatory and Compliance Management
Based on the business understanding gained by leveraging over four decades of experience TCS' GRC solutions are customized to meet industry requirements to implement effective compliance and risk management programs.
  1. Identify and manage risks through an intelligent approach based on a robust risk management framework
  2. Enhance operational transparency and program maturity to sustain legal and regulatory compliance
Fraud Management and Digital Forensics
TCS’ Fraud Management and Digital Forensics offering enable organizations to proactively - assess, detect, deter, respond and recover by taking corrective actions when potential fraud and IT security incidents arise. TCS’ Fraud Management and Digital Forensics offering includes,
  1. Fraud Management
  2. Digital Forensics
  3. Incident Response Management
  4. Turn-Key Solutions
Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)
TCS’ PKI offering includes complete end-to-end consultancy and implementation services. TCS also provide implementation services for PKI-enabling of applications.
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