QR codes for secured cashless payments

QR codes for secured cashless payments

For the uninitiated, QR codes are the square-shaped barcode which can now be seen displayed by brands in their advertisements, offices, and even uniforms. With smart mobile phones turning ubiquitous, the adoption of QR code has been an on a constant rise. It has been used popularly for allowing download of apps, checking prices of products, enlisting in online polls and competitions. However, in recent times corporates and business are trying to drive more operations using QR codes. For example, banks advertising its products and features using QR codes in its branches and ATMs. One of the most successful adoptions of QR code was by digital payments in China. It is reported that a substantial percentage of payment transactions by Alibaba and Tencent is through QR codes.


Impact of DDoS attacks on Banking Industry

Impact of DDoS attacks on Banking Industry

In my recent interactions with various senior level executives of Banks, I realised that one common threat which is bothering the Banking Industry is the distributed denial of service attacks (DDoS) and Banks are struggling to come up with a strategy / solution to check this. It has to be noted that no two DDoS attacks are similar in nature and they can probably last from a few minutes/ hours to several days. The attackers can be individuals, organized groups or any one for that matter.


Visa recommendations for building, managing and deploying Secure Mobile Payment Systems

A comprehensive approach to designing and deploying secure mobile payment systems from Visa Europe. Quite handy
Best Practices for Secure Mobile Payment Systems


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