How do you spell that cyber- expression?

Do you struggle with how to spell a word prefixed with "cyber"?  In everything you read on cyber-subjects, you will see a variety of spelling styles.  Spell checkers haven't come to grips with the correct spelling either, and some will flag all the following forms as spelling errors:
cybersecurity; cyber security; cyber-security
What is fact is that, linguistically, "cyber" is not word on its own.  It only has meaning as a prefix.  It follows then that the use of "cyber" followed by a space (cyber security) is always incorrect. 

Should Insurance companies offer Cyber Insurance

Should Insurance companies offer Cyber Insurance

Insurance companies are looking at creating Cyber Insurance products to take to the market. They see this as an opportunity to sell insurance.

But are they really geared up to protect themselves from Cyber attacks?

Insurance companies need to improve their own Cyber resilience so that they are in a position to service their client base during times of adversary.

Views by Farshid Kapadia

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