Cyber-security Definition?

Regardless of your role with respect to cyber-space, when you engage in any discussion of cyber-security, make sure everyone in the dialogue is working with the same definition.  Doing so will help avoid confusion, conflict, and missed expectations.
If you browse the Web for the definition of cyber-security, you will get a wide variety of definitions.  Some definitions encompass the spectrum of IT and data security.  All exclude the broader field of "information security" which would include information in non-electronic form.  Some definitions limit the scope to cyber-space...the realm of connected computers, their transactional activities and data exchanges.  Futher, some limit scope to malicious attacks.  Others expand scope to include all threats to networks, systems, applications, and data.

The Hackability of Onboard Systems

The Hackability of Onboard Systems

At one point in 2014, there was some discussion that Malaysian Air flight MH 370 might have been hacked, but the jury remains out.  There was some early speculation that there was a hack, but perhaps something done by a passenger through the entertainment system.  I dismiss that as implausible because the pilots would react to a change of course and altitude.  Also, it stretches credibility to contemplate that such a spontaneous hack could also shut down ground communications and transponders, also to navigate a flight path that avoids radar detection.  At least, not from an onboard hack.  What was never considered was a ground based hack.  Given the sophistication of such a hack, It is conceivable that a state-sponsored organization could have designed and practiced such a hack, and then used MH-370 as a proof of concept.  We will likely never know.  However, the U.S.

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