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Cyber Security – It begins with YOU!

Cyber Security – It begins with YOU!
As a result of the implementation of concepts like digital India, demonetization, and smart cities, cyber security has become the prime area of concern. In recent times, India has begun a lot of cyber security awareness initiatives amongst its citizens to educate them about cyberspace.

Digital Security – A significant need for today's IT world

Digital Security – A significant need for today's IT world

Emergence, advancement and significant use of various digital technologies such as cloud, mobility, IoT, social platforms etc and generation of tremendous amount of data has made Digital security a challenging issue with utmost concern.

Daily and all around the digital technology is opening and promoting new ways to execute, manage, communicate and work with different kind of information or data which can either be personal, official, confidential, sensitive etc. And obviously this data is being exchanged with various entities such as organizations, people and devices. Due to various obvious benefits these entities are growing, generating and exchanging data at a rapid rate but with all this there is a large amount of security implications and risks for users and data as well.


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