Are you Prepared for Incident Response?

Are you Prepared for Incident Response?

Tools Are Weapons – Only If Configured Properly

Forensic Readiness Assessment


                Every corporate is a victim of direct or indirect information security threat that happens around them it may be a corporate espionage, financial fraud, insider threat, ipr issues and many more for any of these threats the end target is your digital data. Protecting them most advanced techniques like encryption and all will protect the data but is that data stored and can it be retrieved whenever required safely by experts. Now-a-days most of the corporates is undergoing in investigating the threat happened, but the time and cost that they keep in investigation is more. To help to complete investigation more effectively in reduced time with reduced cost Forensic Readiness Assessment can be implemented.


Digital Evidence - Is it protected in your network

Digital Data to Digital Evidence
“Digital Evidence is not just a piece of information it’s a trace of an incident happened”
If you are working on or maintaining a digital device network be cautious, because you are working on a digital evidence and not just the digital data, but what is this digital data and digital evidence and how is it different?
Any information that is stored and transmitted in binary format is your Digital Data. Identifying such information and following the methods to submit that information as a supporting data in the court of law / to the management makes it important Digital Evidence. 

PC for sale? DonÔÇÖt leave a trail !

PC for sale? DonÔÇÖt leave a trail!

Ever since World Wide Web dropped into our lives in 1991, rapid growth has taken place in the personal, professional, and CRIMINAL use of computers/digital devices. Considering our current society, interaction with electronic devices is inevitable. Most of us interact with them hundreds or may be thousands, of times a day. And most of these devices are “smart” enough to retain information about who you are, and where you were, when you interacted. In essence, the article will discuss about ‘footprints’ that these smart devices leave.

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