Google's Password-Free Logins

Google Begins Testing Password-Free Logins

Google Begins Testing Password-Free Logins
Passwords are often the weakest parts when it comes to secure users’ accounts, as many donot use complex passwords or they reuse the same password across services. Two-factor authentication – like using a USB stick with a secret token or entering in a code sent via text method to your phone – can help to increase security, but many users also find this to be a hassle as it introduces an additional step to the login process.
In this modern age, the need is to remember at least these many passwords / PINs. Here is the small list but not limited to :
  • Gmail-1
  • Yahoo-1
  • Facebook -1
  • Linkedin -1
  • Twitter -1
  • Corporate Login / SSO -1
  • Laptop cable lock key -1
  • Bank accounts online - 2 (at least)
  • ATM cards - 2 (1 per bank, so totally 2)
  • Phone banking - 1 (per bank, so totally 2)
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