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Malvertising - A rising menace

Malvertising a rising menace

Malvertising or Malicious advertising is a technique which uses ads to spread malware. Instead of tricking users to visit malicious website, malvertising uses advertising networks to distribute malware in trustworthy websites. The distributed malware can be a spyware, ransomware, anything that can benefit the attacker.

Malware + Advertising (Malvertising) acts as a carrier for cyber criminals to open up a covert channel to launch an attack on the system. It always targets popular websites, where the traffic is high because these high trafficked websites often outsource the advertising space to ad sellers (ad networks). Advertisers bid for ad space in popular websites and the ad sellers serves the winners in bidding process with the space.


How you can prevent your identity from Keyloggers?

How you can prevent your identity from Keyloggers?

There are some programs or devices which exist solely to record the keystrokes that we type in our computer's keyboard. They are called keyloggers or keystroke loggers. These keyloggers are available in both hardware and software while external or physical keylogger is less powerful when compared to software based or internal key logger.

Unlike other malicious programs, the presence of keylogger does no harm to the system by itself but it can compromise the privacy and lead to identity theft.

Keyloggers are used by both the companies for legal security monitoring and by hackers to steal information. It is one of the main methods being used by cyber criminals for identity theft. Even the applications using secure channel for communication are not immune to keylogger since this spyware sits between the keyboard and the application to intercept keystrokes.


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