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What is Free Open Source Software (FOSS) ?

What is Free Open Source Software (FOSS) ?

What is Free Software?

Free in “Free Software” does not refer to the price of the product nor does it refer to the “Non-commercial” software’s. It refers to the freedom that the user has, to copy, use or re-distribute the software. Free software can be used in commercial distributions too.

The user is free to redistribute copies with or without modifications. The user can also charge a fee for the redistribution based on the license being used for the redistributed copies. For the user to have this freedom, access to the source code of the software must be provided to the user.

What is Open Source Software?

Open source software refers to software’s that are available in source code form, these are generally developed by tens of thousands of active programmers spread across the globe.

Open Source Software must comply with the following criteria.

Good Software Gone Rouge!!!

I wanted to record something on my personal laptop and Camstudio, a popular open source screen recording tool which is released under GPL license popped instantly in my mind.
I had used this software many years ago and it was a pretty good screen recorder. Plus, I prefer open source over freeware because in case of former you can at least assume that the open source community would monitor and contribute to close any vulnerability in the software. In case of freeware you don't know what is inside.
I don't install software without verifying few things like its license, does it have any vulnerability, does it spread any malware and is it still being developed (End of life)?
The moment I visited the Camstudio website the first thing I noticed was that the latest version of the installer available was from October 19, 2013. The old version did raise an alarm because old version means lots of unpatched vulnerabilities.

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