Row Hammer – A New Profound Threat to Information Security

Row Hammer – A New Profound Threat to Information Security
Every one of us understands the importance of Memory in this digital world, and it has become the prime target of attackers to consider for exploitation from the machine/DB level rather than the application layer. 

How to secure your computer or laptop?

How to secure your computer or laptop?

No doubt, computer has become an essential part of our daily lives. You get almost everything done online (or wish to do even when can’t) via your computer or laptop these days, and that’s perfectly fine – without computers it’d be silly to think living in this age.


GRC Part 1: Informed Decision Making

Governance, Risk and Compliance can be a challenging area for CIOs and CISOs to navigate. With the board of directors and C-suite as key stakeholders, the ability to deliver results through the complex GRC environment is now more critical than ever.
What has your GRC done for you lately?
Let's look at an example of a typical month for the CIO and CISO. Due to publicity of recent data breaches in the industry, you are scheduled to deliver an Information Security update at the next Audit Committee meeting.
1. The annual IT security risk assessment is complete and the results have been presented. The external risk consultants worked with internal teams to identify risks and weaknesses. You have captured the high points for the Audit Committee presentation.
2. You plan to make sure the enterprise risk register is up-to-date with findings, remembering to check in with the SOX and PCI teams. What is the status of PCI 3.0 readiness?


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