Social Media Intelligence (SMI) in Organization Context: What Business Opportunity, Monitoring or Insight does it provide?

Social Media Intelligence

Social media usage now moves from our personal to professional lifestyle, organizational culture into business workflows. A robust social media intelligence program generates good value for organizations today. The use of Social media analytics to generate intelligence is a rapidly emerging discipline within organizations to formulate strategies and objectives. A social media intelligence initiative program now helps attain measurement techniques, gain insights of human interactions, share opinion voice, understand sentiments, evaluate critical performance factors to improve businesses towards meeting objectives of any organization.

Visibility Factor in the cloud - THE ONLY MISSING FACTOR

Visibility Factor in the cloud - THE ONLY MISSING FACTOR

Cloud computing is altering the method of business; more or less it has enforced enterprises to reflect virtually about each facet of IT. If we intensely scrutinize the contemporary development of cloud computing architecture, we discover the dearth of visibility in the dark room of cloud. In today’s environment “visibility”, not “security” is an immense cloud task. Worldwide corporations and giant organization do not worry considerably about security because cloud providers are mindful of security and infrastructure disputes. The subject is that they are not having visibility inside their critical data and the rigorous sequence of supervision of information about what is happening exclusively in cloud environment. This is the focal question that desires to be taken care of, even though cloud environment upsurges the business flexibility and scalability.

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