Email Security

Email Security

As organizations learn to navigate life in the cloud, they need a higher level of preparedness. The volume of cyberattacks organizations face has seen increased this year and includes ransomware, phishing and impersonation fraud. The world was been rocked by two massive malware outbreaks of Petya and WannaCry last year.

Email is the most prevalent and common entry point for attackers looking to gain any foothold into an enterprise system and obtain sensitive data. Email security includes multiple methods to keep sensitive information in email communication and account safe against unauthorized access, or compromise. Email as a channel is maximum used to propagate malware, spam and phishing attacks. Hackers use deceptive messages to entice recipients to share sensitive information, open attachment or click on hyperlink, that will install malware on the victim’s computer.

TCS' WannaCry Ransomware Advisory

WannaCry Ransomware Advisory - Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)

A widespread ransomware campaign is affecting enterprises globally with reports of tens of thousands of infections spreading rapidly. Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) is aware of the outbreak of “WannaCry” ransomware and proactively taking all necessary measures including working with our customers globally to address this outbreak on their systems. A ransomware is a malicious code that encrypts files and locks devices like computer, tablet or smartphone and subsequently demands a ransom to unlock it. Understanding the consequences of this malware attack, TCS has proactively communicated information related to this outbreak and implementing various necessary measures to protect its customers and itself across the globe.

We are advising all our customers and partners globally to exercise caution in their online activities. We are also ensuring that our customers keep their systems updated and take a proactive approach to security rather than a reactive one.

A Note on WannaCry/WanaCrypt0r Ransomware

Ransomware is a malicious software that encrypts the files and locks device, such as a computer, tablet or smartphone and then demands a ransom to unlock it. Recently, a dangerous ransomware named 'Wannacry' has been affecting the computers worldwide creating the biggest ransomware attack the world has ever seen. This has affected computers in India also.
About the Wanacrypt0r Ransomware
Wanacrypt0r is a ransomware that infects windows systems by exploiting a vulnerability called EternalBlue.  The exploit allows access to a remote machine via SMBV1 protocol. Microsoft patched this flaw in March as MS17-010. Wanacryptor is also known as “wannacry, wcry and wannacrypt.
How does Wanacrypt0r work?
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